The Chicergy Method

Kathleen does a consultation which each client to design the program the best fits their needs. She incorporates the most effective techniques from therapy to manage stress/anxiety, from fitness to reach body goals, and infuses meditation/energy readings to strengthen the connection between brain, body, and emotions. You get a therapist, personal trainer, and energy healer all in one session. 

Private Sessions

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It's important to set aside time for yourself to grow yourself. Learning about your emotional and physical self will enhance the quality of your life.  Private sessions allow you (or you & a partner) to better understand how your brain, feelings, and body work together, and make your life easier. Kathleen makes a personalized program to fit the needs of modern chic woman.

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Events & Private Parties

Fabulous time with friends (and family) = more life happiness. Host a private party with a little more sass! Try a Bachelorette Fitness Party, Vino & Vinyasa ladies event, or Kids Dance Party.   


Business Package

Is your work culture awesome or kinda eh...? Positive and healthy environments ignite creative ideas, decrease stress, and increase productivity.  Set up a consultation with Kathleen to create the perfect workshop for your business.