Lifestyle Love

Hey pretty lady, when's the last time you allowed yourself to really love life? Like totally happy to be yourself, to the point where you know nothing is going to bother you all day because you're you, and what could possibly be better?

Yes. I promise that level of feeling awesome in yourself does exists. And, you can create it faster if you make intentions everyday. This site is dedicated to helping keep you on track towards living like an empowered passionate Chic.

 Meditation CHic

YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK. At least your experience of yourself is influenced by what you think... So, how are those thoughts treating you today? 

Every month Kathleen chooses a Chicergy Medication Focus of the Month. Weekly blogs will support the focus and help expedite your journey to chic-dom. 


Chic-ify your life TIP: Pamper yourself

We all need some attention, and sometimes it needs to come from ourselves, ladies. Take time to plan a gift for yourself with as much excitement as you would your best friend. 

  • Paint your nails
  • Give yourself a facial
  • Checkout a new fitness studio class pass