3 Effective Ways To Communicate Better With Your Bae

1. Notice Your Body Language. Use that bodacious body to communicate effectively. Before you even say anything to your partner or date, you're definitely sending out a vibe. Let's check it out. 

Pause for a moment. Scan your body and observe yourself. Notice your body positioning, and how to it reads. Think, what message am I trying to send? Does my body accurately reflect that? If yes, grow it.

If not, switch gears to change your body posture to emit what you want. To reflect confidence think, eye contact and good posture. Smiling and nodding to show agreeableness. And, of course, if you are trying to feel romantic you need to flirt, girl! Feel sexy, then act sexy; and, then you'll get a sexy response reflected back at you. 

2. Make A Request. Too many times we demand things from our partners, or get irritated when we don't get what we want. Reminds me of a 7 year old stomping around Toys R Us because her dad wouldn't buy her the latest Barbie doll.

Don't worry, I've been there, too. Looking at a parter dumbfoundedly thinking, "wtf, you are supposed to be able to read my mind and know everything about how I feel!!!!!! aaaaargh." 

Woof. No wonder they don't feel like hugging me after I give off that kinda vibe. 

Rather than hope for an overnight miracle that my lover turns into a mind reader, I make a request. "Babe, can we catch up on the phone sometime today when you have some free time that works for you?" What I want is attention, and to be flirted with, texted, and noticed. So, instead of forcing it, waiting, and worrying or getting anxious, I take charge with my desires, while leaving space for them to help create it.

3. Validation. The acknowledgement of another person's perspective can be like a super power. If I want you to see my point of view, I will have better fortune if I demonstrate that same behavior to you. To validate doesn't even mean you have to agree completely with someone's viewpoint, it simply acknowledges that you noticed it.

At the end of the day, we all want to be heard by someone. 

Now, link it Together. 

Pause, ask yourself what you want?  Put it into a request. Exude body language that supports the vibe you want to create, and validate your bae in the same short interaction.  

Babe, I know you've had a long week running around at work. How about we go to dinner at (insert new place you've been dying to go), so we can relax and enjoy some good food together.