Slow Your Roll: 3 Minutes to a Happier You

We all freak out sometimes. I mean, um... that's never ever happened to me, ever. Just kidding. Of course I've freaked the f<3ck out before. Who hasn't?

So many times we are on the go running our body from one activity to the next, with no real break to transition to reset our mind. This back to back switching of events can be super draining emotionally, and just put a little gray filter of effort over everything. Not the cute filter that makes your skin look like classic Hepburn, the yucky filter that feels like perpetual rain. No fun. So, let's clear that up!

Try this quick GODDESS GLOW mini check-in technique to jump start positive momentum, right now. You'll need a pen and paper, or the notes section in your phone. 

  1. Notice how you feel right now. Rate your happy/content level 1(low) to 100 (awesome).
  2. Take 30 seconds to think about it things that make your smile. Allow yourself to feel the happy emotion that matches the smiling things your thinking about. 
  3. Pick one specific thing write it down. Now, think about it for 30 more seconds, over and over and over and over until it's the only thing you can focus on. 
  4. Next, write down as many positive specific descriptors for your #3 answer.  For example, if I wrote down "swimming at the beach" makes me happy, I would describe the beach is pearly white, warm sun kisses my skin, my tan is onfleek, and the hot guy playing volleyball just asked me to play. Haha, you get the idea. Start general and then get specific. Observe your emotions matching and growing as your get specific. Now try to generate more of that happy feeling, grow it to be BIGGER. Take 2 minutes to think about it...
  5. Rate your happy/content level 1(low) to 100 (awesome). 

Feel a little better? Your experience is where your attention is, own it. I do think several times throughout the day. It's my day, I'm in charge. 





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