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Monday Mojo: New Week, New You.

Everyday you wake up and repeat something.

Many things we repeat are useful, like brushing your teeth to avoid cavities. Somethings we do for pleasure, like call our best friend to catch up on your date while you’re stuck in traffic on the way home from work. Many things we do regularly provide us with a positive outcome to something we need.

On the other hand, we have a ton of non-conscious repeat offenders!  These unaware habits can wreck havoc on your life a little bit day to day, over a long period of time. The daily checked out coffee shop trip before work, the mindless waiting the clock out perusing instagram with little to no enthusiasm, or the numbed out 28 minute train ride home with your head down and not smiling to anyone. They are little energy suckers that keep you in this limbo zone of half consciousness, sleepwalking through life.  

To change it, you have to look at it. Open your eyes and wiggle your hips, you are about to salsa your ass to clarity and intention.

Part 1: Look at you, and name what you see.

  • What day is it?

  • What’s your routine?

  • Do you like your routine? Something probably rocks.

  • What don’t you like/what’s boring in your routine? Being bored sucks.

Part 2: Ditch it.

  • Name 2 things you could do without repeating today.

  • Commit to 24hr without it.

Example: 1. Going to Starbucks. 2. Checking Facebook.

Part 3: Identify what you want to experience that you haven’t in awhile, what’s not boring.

  • What are you seeking to feel? (excited, happy, energized, calm, important, loved, and etc.)

Example: I want to feel interested in a good conversation.

Part 4: Replace It.

  • Name 2 things to try that would be different, and more interesting last week on this day.


1.Call a friend I haven’t talked to in a while to catch up, and make plans for in person within the next two week.

2. Google local coffee shops, and pick one nearby I’ve never been to before.

Now tie it all together & get excited to do something different. Talk it up in your head like it’s the best thing since yoga pants becoming an acceptable form of pants for all occasions! Like, for real. To have the experience you need to build momentum around it being awesome.

Example: I am so pumped to check out this local coffee shop in my hood today. How crazy would it be to own a coffee shop? If I had my own I would totally make a hippie chic vibe that would make Chicagoans feel like they are chillin at the beach when it's freezing in February. I’d even try to do a BYOB coffee shop for evening hours…  Just thinking and fantasizing about it, builds excitement about going to a new store, and improves your own experience of yourself. Way better than the typical bland routine. 

These tiny tweaks can make a huge difference in taking charge of your own experience.

To have an exhilarating goddess lifestyle you need to give yourself opportunities to create it. Steps 1-3 focus your attention on a new idea, while step 4 is what lights the rocket on fire. Be fierce, and light it up vibe babes.


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