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Lebert Training Systems (LTS)™ Education courses are creative, cutting edge and highly effective and now being implemented around the globe! Our educations provide fitness professionals with all of the movement, training and coaching skills needed to conduct successful personal training, small group training and group fitness classes in an amazing variety of programs using Lebert Fitness® products. All LTS™ programming is based on the science of body weight training and functional movement. We would love you to join us as we continue to innovate, inspire and help change the way the world does fitness. 

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What happens when you combine the grace of ballet, strength training, the balance of yoga and the versatility of the Lebert Equalizer®? You get LeBARRE. This class allows you to experience full-body movement with dynamic and continuous sequences that will challenge your muscular endurance, flexibility, and core strength. Low-impact but still heart-pumping, this class teaches you how to use your body and the EQualizer® creating more body awareness and challenges- a truly unique workout experience- that will leave feeling totally empowered!


Using the Lebert Equalizer® as the star of the class, along with the Lebert Buddy System™ and Lebert Stretch Strap™, LeHIIT™ combines High Intensity Interval Training using multiple methods of proven-effective, interval training to create a fun and challenging fitness format.

LeHIIT™ training features familiar fitness choreography and high-energy music in an efficient workout using the Lebert Equalizer™ for strength intervals, speed intervals, agility and power and using the Lebert Buddy System™ for the extra fun factor in “maximum effort, muscle endurance” style intervals using Tabata-inspired timing and partners! The finishing touch is a yoga inspired cool down using the Lebert Stretch Strap™ for complete relaxation. The LeHIIT™ format incorporates a full body complete interval workout into a challenging 60 minute class that is both fun and effective.


Lebert Training Systems™ LeBOOT™ designed by celebrity trainer, black belt and inventor of the Lebert Equalizer® and Lebert Buddy System™, Marc Lebert, is a “real-world” workout that is effective and challenging, but most of all FUN!!

Combining old-school strength moves with functional, multi-planar sequences in a “recess” atmosphere, LeBOOT™ is designed to elevate everyone’s fitness level from the couch potato to the elite athlete! The teamwork type atmosphere and sense of accomplishment will have your members coming back for more.

LTS: SRT™ Spring Training

Featuring the Lebert SRT Barbell™, SRT™ Spring Training offers the ULTIMATE in barbell classes! Imagine every strength training movement you can think of using a barbell plus added movement, increased muscle activation and variable resistance using SRT™ Spring Resistance Technology. These two high-energy class options developed by fitness celebrity, Sharon Mann, utilize every muscle taking regular exercises like a bicep curl and adding crazy chest and deltoid activation via adduction and abduction made possible by “springing” in and/or out with each rep.

Spring Training Group X Strength offers a straight up strength class like no other while Spring Training Group X HIIT mixes high intensity cardio interval training into each strength set. SRT™ Spring Training will change the face of group exercise, activating more muscle with each repetition, dramatically increasing calorie expenditure and adding a whole new level of WOW factor.

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I love designing workout routines! Often when I teach a group class it’s never the exact same thing twice because I am inspired by equipment to be creative. I take an object (my toys) and literally play to generate new ideas to workout. I’ve never found something quite as versatile as the EQualizer®.

I’d love to show you just FUNctional the Lebert Training Systems can used to enhance group fitness class formats, portable workout solution for small group training programs, and create achievable goals with personal training clients
— Kathleen Farrell, MS MFT