Welcome to CHIC-ergy.

A woman is a beautiful, multifaceted energy that is constantly reinventing herself. Just like the ever evolving elegance of a woman,this is a transient wellness space for self focus, fitness, and love relationship exploration.

Kathleen is a happiness creator. Let her be your guide to finding balance in your mind, your body, and your relationships.                

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Ready to chic-ify you life? Let's begin your journey to more happiness.  

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Blending her expertise in fitness, psychology, and meditation Kathleen created Chicergy. A movement by a woman, created for a woman and her friends. 

I'm here to awaken your inner chic badass goddess self.   Let's tap into creative energy and unleash your beautiful power to transform your amazing life.                                  

Read more about Kathleen's journey to chic-dom. 


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