Business Culture Consulting: Consciously Create Your Work Environment

If you've ever worked, um...ever, you have in one way or another experienced how the office culture impacts your quality of life. Whether it be your ability to focus your attention at work because the sweet gal next to you wont stop talking about her wedding all day, or perhaps, to the lack of luxury to recover when away from work because there are really no set off emails hours, group dynamics and environment have a huge impact of employee happiness. (And, if employees are stressed and unmotivated, so is whatever product you're selling or creating for the business). 

Do it! You’ll learn so much about yourself as a leader, and your team. I never really realized what some people need to be successful, it’s really specific person to person. Now, I know how to motivate people and it’s fun because it actually works.
— Lenore, Small Business I.T. Start Up

Corporate Wellness Workshop

First Step to Upgrading the Office Vibe: is notice what it exists right now. Be honest, you'll make useful changes faster.

Second Step on the Road to Clarity: make a list of what's not working. You don't have to know how to fix it, just identify it.

Third Step to a Happier Business: set up a consultation with Kathleen. It can be super effective to have a fresh mind and view point from someone who is not emotionally attached to current condition. Kathleen works with business owners and managers to create a day event, or series of workshops that attends to unique needs of your office. 


Fitness Class

Remember the day you had to do the "trust fall" at summer camp? Woof. 

A group fitness class is like a modern trust fall for adults, with much better music and cuter clothes. 

TRX Workout.jpg

Kathleen designs a fun fitness experience that caters to all levels in your group. From dance fitness and barre workouts, to yoga sculpt or cardio interval classes, we've got all interests covered. 

Connect with Kathleen to plan to your next fitness event during lunch or a healthy happy hour.