Time to Chic-ify.

Start now. Commit to focusing on yourself and designing your life. It's right here, right now. Kathleen is here to collaborate with you on the fabulously fun journey to chic-ifying your life. 

Kathleen teaches people how to be successful at being them self.
— Nicole

Who is Integrative Therapy for?

  • anyone looking to better understand emotions, mind/brain, body & chakra system.

  • anyone with body image issues, disordered eating, negative thoughts

  • anyone having a hard time with anxiety, worry, fear, anger, judgement, low self-esteem

  • anyone with past sexual or physical trauma

  • anyone having a hard time with trust, commitment & relationship issues

What to expect in an Integrative Therapy session? 

Time: Sessions will normally run 60 minutes. Sessions can be booked in person at the Chic Energy Studio Lincoln Park, Chicago & Online video chat or phone.

Complimentary Consultation: Before your first session, you will schedule a 15 minutes free phone session with me. This is awesome pre check in allows us to see what will be a good fit & assess what you need all before your first session! I will help you set goals in 3 areas of your life: mental well-being, healthy/fit body, and creativity/passion/life purpose. These goals will be the platform to design sessions that balance your mind, body, heart. I’m so excited to work with you!


I will craft a personalized session that builds on the previous session each time we meet, so you grow consistently. My way of working with clients is from an integrative perspective combining the best of psychology therapies, meditation/clairvoyant aura reading and healing, and body fitness/awareness. You get a total self-care focus in one session: MINDSET | BODY | HEART.

Mindset: In our fast paced, busy world it's hard to set aside time for ourselves. Remember, you are important. I educate you how to focus better, so you can manifest what you want.

Taking time for yourself is not selfish, it's SELF-FOCUSED

  • UNDERSTAND HOW YOU THINK - everyone’s brain works a little differently, improve understanding how you learn.

  • DISCOVER YOUR PATTERNS - we all have behavioral and thought patterns, beliefs, and emotional ways of being that either help us, or keep us stuck. I help you change negative patterns, and replace them with positive healthy habits that enhance your life.

Body: Our body health includes our physical body (muscles/fitness level), and our energetic body (our chakra system). I teach you about how to feel happy and comfortable in your physical body and energy body work together by combining movement & meditation in a personally designed practice for you.

  • PERSONALIZED FITNESS - not all workouts are for everyone! Find out what movements and workout types are best for your unique body.

  • LEARN TO MEDITATE - meditation has positive impact on decreasing stress, increasing clarity and confidence. Learn how to set up your very own meditation practice & specific meditation visualization techniques to manifest more things you want into your life experience.

Heart: Healthy emotional space, includes healthy understanding of emotions. The journey to understanding your emotions is parallel to getting to know yourself honestly.

  • UNDERSTAND EMOTIONS - I educate you all about emotions: how they work, what triggers them, what behaviors go with specific emotions, and how to manage them better so you don’t feel out of control. When you understand your emotions well, you are empowered to make smart decisions for yourself - trust your intuition.

  • CLEAR UP OLD PAINS - experiences leave emotional memories, sometimes we have to work through understanding them so we can feel healthy emotionally and mentally. Using a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Energy Healing Techniques I love to help heal past traumas. I help you to create a new narrative about your life, one that makes sense

  • CHAKRA SYSTEM - your heart chakra connects the upper and lower chakras, making the 4th chakra (the love to self & others chakra) the center of the system. I focus on managing anxiety by increasing self-worth and self-love. I teach you all about the chakras, and how to use them as indicators who what areas need attending to in your life.

Results: This type of self work upgrades you to the next level of being present and enjoy the art of living your life, which includes learning to trust yourself & take action on your personal journey. You can do this!

This mind-body fusion approach teaches you how to get your energy into a space that feels GOOD to be yourself.

I love to help people create a deeper understanding of who they are, what they want, and how to get there. It’s an amazing experience to see people grow into loving themselves more, and become happier! - Kathleen

Aura/Chakra Reading

 60 minute Session (online or in-person)

An aura reading is an intimate look at one's energetic field by looking at the vibrations in each layer of the 7 chakras.  Kathleen uses her intuitive skills to see pictures that reflect a person's energy in the present moment. It’s a very fun, beautiful, and intimate way to feel truly seen by another, and therein see your authentic self.  


  • Clearing old stuck energy out of the chakras

  • Feeling more energized after the clearing, more space for your awesomeness

  • Promotes healing and clarity of emotional past pains

  • Helps highlight any patterns interfering with goals/life flow

  • Offers a different insight, new perspective to various areas of life: past pains, romance, relationships, career, money, spirituality, and life purpose.

This is different than a private session, yet a wonderful additional experience that can compliment private session focus/ useful experience alone in a single session. For clients already in private sessions, an Aura Reading can be integrated. The reading technique takes a full 60 minutes, ask Kathleen about adding.

Hey Goregous, let's slay the day.