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CHIC Kinetic: Free Leg Workout 1

CHIC Kinetic: Free Leg Workout 1

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds doing as many repetitions are you can with excellent form. Take a 15 second recovery, using this time to prep for the next exercise. Ready to build a better booty? Let’s work it.

Warm Up: Get inspired to move.

  • SQUAT: eep feet hips width apart, sit deep into heels.
  • JUMPING JACK: Keep glutes engaged and squeeze inner and outer hips to support the joints.
  • QUICK SHUFFLE: Position body in a  wide stance, walk/run on toes as quick as possible.

Circuit 1: You got this, gurl!

Complete exercises 1-3 in a row, then repeat once more.

  • PLIE SQUAT: Sit deep with feet in a wide turn out + arms extended out front of shoulders (like frankenstein ). Hold it tight and keep breathing!
  • CHAIR POSE: Inner thighs squeeze in a narrow stance, sit deep into hips + arms roll speed bag to in circular motion away from your body.
  • AB PLANK + BOOTY SQUEEZE: Arm straight, with hands directly under shoulders. Keep torso long and flat. Alternate lifting one leg of the ground at a time for a single leg glute squeeze.

Round 2: Positive thoughts! be nice.

Complete exercises 1-4 in a row, then repeat once more.

  • FORWARD LUNGES: Alternate stepping forward, landing in heel of foot. Exhale as you push away from the ground back into standing, and switch legs. Arms lifts in lateral raise at side (looks like the letter “T” to engage shoulders. )
  • LATERAL LUNGES: Alternate legs, one stepping out hips with into a squat and return to standing. Arms reach straight over head to challenge posture.
  • REAR LUNGE + AB TWIST: Stand tall hands together in prayer pose. Rear lunge with one leg, pause at the bottom to twist core and crunch across the front leg. Return back to standing, switch sides and crunch the other directions. Balance challenge!

  • SQUAT + FRONT KICK: Keep feet hips width apart, sit deep into heels. Add a front kick a the top, as you push away from the floor with power.

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