Chic Kinetic Free Workout: ABsolute BIKINI BOD

Hi, Smart Chicas.  Are you ready for summer?

Tuesday, June 20th is the official summer solstice. We officially have 20 days ladies, let's move! 

I saw a funny post on instagram that was a photo of a pretty woman yelling, her face fierce.  The caption read, " The beach is gonna get whatever body I give it!" 

It was quite clever, making light of the idea that so many people freak out when beach and pool weather arrives. Like many, I know that dance with doubt and confidence. You want to accept your body, but it's hard to totally enjoy it because you're a little stuck on something. 

While the beach will have to accept whatever body I give it, I intend to give myself a healthy , confident opportunity to feel good. Join me for the #ChicJuneBod  Challenge! Enjoy FREE recipes, bikini bod workouts, and happiness tips at 


Chic Trainer Tip:

Remember to hold a long and lifted posture throughout the workout. Use deep inhales and controlled exhales to support your core posture muscles. Make an intention in your mind, and your body will better follow. Do this daily, and you’ll have fab abs in no time. 
— Kathleen

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