Do Workout Clothes Impact The Quality Of Your Workout?


You don't have spend $80 on leggings to look fashion fit. You do have to make an effort to not only wear old worn out shirts, and college sweats with the mascot on the bum. Affordable workout clothes can be ordered all over amazon, forever 21, target, and more.

Just like having the right cocktail dress for a wedding can make you feel like a princess for a night, the right athletic clothes can get your mind and body present to focus on your workout.

If you feel confident in your body, you're more likely will move better in your body. You have more power to chic-ify your life, but you've got to dress the part, and show up to play.

CHIC TIP: Create a special spot in your closet for workout clothes. Make 7 outfits you would be happy to wear out of the house to workout. If you feel good, you’ll be more present in your body and likely to want to show it off (hence, you might burn a little more in your workout).