CHI-Cardio Blast 20 minute Workout

This quick, upbeat workout will lighten and tighten your body in no time. This routine is based on short timed intervals with big bursts of power, and results in a nice total body burn. Enjoy!      


Warm- Up

Complete drills 1-4 in sequence for 30 seconds each. Take a quick breather, then repeat once more. 

  1.  Stationary March: focus on breathing deep.
  2.  Squats: feet hips with apart
  3.  Jump Rope: good posture.
  4.  Butt Kicks: place hands on hips.


Leg Series

Complete drills 1-4 in sequence for 45 seconds each. Take a quick breather, then repeat once more.

  1. Prisoner Squat Jumps: place hand behind ears, chest lifted.
  2. Rear Lunge/Jump: alternate stepping on leg back at a time.
  3. V-Squat Jumps: turn toes out, hold arm like a "T" should height. 
  4. Lateral Squats: start standing with feet together. Next, step one foot out to the side to squat, stand back to the start and switch legs. 


Core Set

Complete drills 1-5 in sequence for 45 seconds each. 

  1. Plank: on elbows, and keep back flat.
  2. X Supermans: lay on belly, squeeze glutes while lifting legs and arms in an "X" position.
  3. Oblique Twists: criss cross crunches, hands lightly behind ears.
  4. Reverse Crunch: lay on back with knees bent in the air. Lift bum off the ground to engage lower abs.
  5. Bridge: belly face up, push off heels to lift hips into bridge and hold.  


Heart Rate Acceleration

Complete drills 1-4 in sequence for 30 seconds each.

  1.  High Knee Run: keep chest lifted, draw knees up quickly.
  2. Jumping Jacks + Alternating Jab Punches: arm chest height on the punch.
  3. Push Ups: avoid arching back, and complete on knees for modification. 
  4. Burpee: squat, place hands on the ground--step/jump to a plank. Next, step/jump back to squat--stand up--repeat.
  5. Football Shuffle: wide stance, run on toes as quickly and lightly as you can. 

Nice job chicka!  

Finish your workout with some rejuvenating deep breathes, and a lovely stretch. 

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