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We are made of energy

Aura Readings can feel magical because it’s a present moment for you to see yourself by allowing someone else to look at your energy, and share back to you what they see. It’s very healing, empowering & validating way to better understand yourself.

What is an Aura Reading/Healing?

An aura reading is an intimate look at one's energetic field by looking at the vibrations in each layer of the 7 chakras.  Kathleen uses her intuitive skills to see pictures that reflect a person's energy in the present moment. It’s a very fun, beautiful, and intimate way to feel truly seen by another, and therein see your authentic self.  

What is a Chakra?

Chakras are energy centers located in and around the body. Just like you have a bone structure, an a nervous systems, you, also, have an energetic system. Similar to how we need to feed our body correctly, and flush out food correctly - our energy system has a proper alignment and flow to its operation system. When this system gets out of whack, we see stress- lack of clarity - lack of finances - overuse of something - poor communication - anxiety and other symptoms to name a few. Each Chakra is associated with a certain area of life, so that health of the chakra can direction impacts many areas such as: career, relationships, self love/worth, organization, and etc.

An Aura Reading helps to see an assessment of what’s going on, and a healing is done to assist in realigning the chakra system & create more balance and insight to you life.

Benefits of an Aura Reading/Healing

  • Clearing old stuck energy out of the chakras

  • Feeling more energized after the clearing, more space for your awesomeness

  • Promotes healing and clarity of emotional past pains

  • Helps highlight any patterns interfering with goals/life flow

  • Offers a different insight, new perspective to various areas of life: past pains, romance, relationships, career, money, spirituality, and life purpose. How does an Aura Reading help?


Session (online or in-person)

An Aura Reading is different than a private session, yet a wonderful additional experience that can compliment private session focus OR can very useful experience alone in a single session. Think about a massage: you could have one appointment to tune up & feel much more in proper form when you leave, relaxed and go back as needed. Another treatment plan may be to do 3-6 massage appointments in a row for a more in depth and consistent way to really make lasting transformations, and bigger consistent changes. Both are very healthy and useful! An Aura Reading/ Healing is very similar, one session will be insightful and helpful. More sessions in a row allow for deeper clearing, understanding, and supported change to manifest what you want in life.

30 min Tune Up Session: includes 1 past life + 1 question $58

60 min Chic Chakras: includes 1 past life + 7 Chakras Reading + 3 questions $105

Rejuvenation Intensive 3 pack $285

Core Alignment 8 session set $680

90 min Deep House Clean Out: includes 1 past life + 7 Chakras Reading + 5 questions + 15 minute energy healing to end session


*student discount 10%