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Kathleen has as much energy as she does diversity in her interests. From crushing on a new lipstick color to curiosity in how relationships work, like many women, Kathleen leads a life full of a complex experiences and seeks to better understand herself everyday.  It’s a busy, full-time job being a girl!

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Over the last 15 years, Kathleen has studied a variety of backgrounds in psychology, personal training/group fitness, and meditation/aura readings. Just like a modern day woman, not one category alone will satisfy her. Blending the best from all her studies, Kathleen infuses emotional regulation techniques as a therapist, effective total body Chic Kinetic workouts, and personalized self-foucsed mindful meditation techniques to create the 360 program made by women for women Chicergy.

Kathleen achieved her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Women's Studies at Miami University of Ohio. To fill the void of team sports, Kathleen started teaching group fitness classes in college and quickly feel in love with creating innovative routines, working with clients, and presenting at conferences.

Feeling fierce,  she enrolled in Graduate School at Northwestern University to become a therapist. With her fitness business in Chicago thriving, she added a clinical private practice to her life.

Over the last 15 years she’s studied a variety of therapy styles, and integrated meditation and visualization techniques to heal the mind, body, and heart. Kathleen studied completed Meditation & Clairvoyant Training Program at Invision School.

In 2016 Kathleen created Chicergy. Kathleen’s goal is to teach people how to understand their emotions, heal their heart, shape their bodies, and manifest the life they want.

Kathleen offers an integrative space for personal growth that includes all the techniques she’s found to help transform your life; this includes: the best of psychology, meditation, aura & chakra reading/ healing, spirituality, and fitness.

This is Chicergy.

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