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You have an emotional self, thinking self, physical body & energetic chakra system.


When any of these parts are out of whack, it negatively impacts the ability for the system to function healthy as a whole.

Chicergy is the art of balancing your energy: mind - body - soul. This integrative wellness perspective empowers self growth, positive healing, and ignites whole hearted living.


let’s grow together.


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We off a variety of energy healing services & treatments both online & in Chicago Studio. Read below to find about more about the specific types of healings.


What is an Aura Reading/Healing?


An aura reading is an intuitive look at one's energetic aura field. A clairvoyant can use a developed third eye intuition to read a picture vibrations in each layer of the 7 chakras…


Kathleen is trained psychotherapist, clairvoyant energy reader & meditation teacher. She works closely with clients to create positive changes in real life. Kathleen works with clients to build balance in their mind, body, emotions, self - image & relationships.

Clients commit to 10 sessions online or in-person Chicago for this focused work together to be effective. Each session will build of the previous to enhance positive life to understanding, healing & transformation.


Why go to therapy?


Emotional pains & traumas are part of the human experience. You have an opportunity to heal your soul through understanding past pain, releasing past hurts, letting go of old beliefs.

• clear negative energy & emotional blocks

• decrease anxiety, fatigue & depression

• learn effective coping & healing skills

• increase mental clarity & emotional capacity

• rewrite your personal narrative

• create space for happiness & self love

Therapy is a process of learning about what influences your personal perspective, exploring emotional connection & communication skills, and learning healthy techniques to authentically craft your life.


Private Yoga Sessions are pretty magical. If you’ve never had a private coaching or personal training session, we highly recommend it! You always have someone cheering for you. Plus, it feels really good to have an expert coach you through proper technique for the movement, and ensure you know how to do the movement in proper alignment.


Who is private yoga for?


You will learn a lot about how your unique body moves in a private session. We all have tendencies to favor certain sides of the body, like, leading movements on one dominant side, stabilization, power in balance, and more. In a private session the focus will be on you, and lots of useful details about how your body can best move, and any special modifications.

Then, you can take your yoga personal awarenesses with you into group classes & personal flow practice at home.

Private Yoga is a wonderful way to build solid technique in your movements, and safely enhance your personal practice with learn proper alignment.


Private Yoga is perfect for practicing yogis who want to develop specific advanced skills; such as, inversions, headstand, forearm stand, handstand variations & acro/partner yoga.


We offer 8 week programs for people who want to dive deeper into a specific topic and learn some new holistic health skills.

Each of 60 min sessions with Kat will guide you through a variety of techniques for ways to meditate. It can be confusing where to start your own meditation practice, let alone know what to do once you close your eyes. Is feeling meditation? Is thinking with eyes closed thinking meditation? Is moving your body meditation?


This meditation program will help you to explore different kinds of meditation techniques, with an emphasis on strengthening visualization skills. These structured sessions build on the previous week to help create a new habit that fits into your life.

Clients will be given writing processing tools, and guide book of meditation. In-person Chicago & online\phone sessions available for the meditation program.



chic: stylish, smart. sophisticated, elegant.  

energy: the essence of one's being; self


Chicergy is the art of understanding yourself, so you can create a healthy & happy, interesting life you want be present in...enhance your experience.

I believe that miscommunication is the highest cause of stress. The person we miscommunicate with most is ourselves. (GASP...I know, right?!) If we learn to better understand ourselves and how to accurately communicate with ourselves, we reduce stress and increase happiness.
— Kathleen Farrell, Creator of Chicergy

Ready to chic-ify you life? Let's begin your journey.

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